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LED lighting for music, art, podiums

"Received our lamp today, just wanted to say Thank You. Beautiful job, nice heavy construction and works perfectly and un-obtrusively. Nice to see American made craftsmanship and quality!" - Steve

For lighting excellence using LED technology, nothing compares to elegant Ektralamp lamps. Our unique design virtually eliminates annoying and distracting light spillage by brightly shining light only where it's needed. As you'll see below we make specialty lamps for many appliations.

Each Ektralamp product is handmade in the USA, in our Cleveland, Ohio shop, for optimum quality. As each lamp is custom-made-to-order, we can easily accommodate special needs and requests - often at no additional cost.

To discuss your specific lighting needs call Will at 440-871-0976..


Art Light

Art Lamps

Brilliantly illuminate your artwork and photographs with these sylish LED picture lights. The LED-powered lamps are available in standard widths of from 10" to 60" and can be custom-built to any size. more...

Organ Light

Organ Lamps

The overhead organ music lamps provide no-glare illumination and uniform lighting across all of your music. The slim lamps are LED-powered and can be adjusted to perfectly light your scores. more....

Lectern lamp

Podium Lamps

Enhance reading desks such as podiums, lecterns, or pulpits with the elegant permanently mounted podium lights. The rugged solid brass LED lamps provide even distribution of light over the entire reading area. more....

Grand piano light

Grand Piano Lamps

The elegant lamp provides even illumination across the music on your grand piano music rack so you can clearly read every note. It's an accessory every pianist should have. more.... .

Spinet piano lamp  lamp

Spinet Piano Lamps

The rotating light tube on this lovely piano lamp allows you to adjust for perfect lighting of your music. The lamp height is custom made for your piano. more....

upright piano lamp lamp

Upright Piano Lamps

The rotating light tube on this lovely piano lamp allows you to adjust for perfect lighting of your music. more....

music stand lamp

Music Stand Lamps

The lightweight lamp gently clamps to the top of your music stand and has a rotating light tube for precise lighting adjustment. It operates from AC power or batteries. more....