Music lights, picture lamps, and podium lighting

For bright and even illumination, nothing compares to Ektralamp lights. Using LED (light emitting diode) technology, these lights focus light exactly where you need it. The unique design virtually eliminates annoying and distracting light spillage or glare. Whether you are a musician who needs to read your music with less eye strain, have artwork you want to exhibit for maximum visual impact, or want better reading light for podiums or lecterns, there's an Ektrlamp for you.

The elegant lamps are made of thin and inconspicuous solid-brass light tubes sized to fit the application. Each light tube is supported by matching vertical mounting brackets. You can rotate the light tubes to precisely focus light where it is needed. Each light tube contains more than 15 LEDs per lineal foot ensuring bright and even illumination with no hot or dark spots.

LED lights are environmentally friendly with no bulbs to burn out and change. They never get hot. Using minimal energy they are friendly to the environment.

We produce a complete line of piano lights, music lights, organ lights, art lights, and lectern lights.

Ektralamp lights are hand crafted, for optimum quality, in our Cleveland, Ohio, workshop. As each light is custom-made-to-order, we can easily accomodate special needs and requests - often at no additional cost.

"The lamp is beautiful and perfect!!!!
What a FANTASTIC product."
S. Phillips

For more information select the lamp that is right for your needs or call Will at 440-871-0976 to discuss your requirements.

"Let there be light ....."

Art lighting for pictures and photographs

Select the right picture frame light to showcase your hanging art and pictures. Lights can be as narrow as ten inches or extend to over 60 inches to assure even illumination of the entire picture. These fine art lights can attach to picture frame or wall. Let us know your needs. Remote on/off/dimmer control available!

art light

Lamps for upright and spinet-type pianos

The rotating light tube on this lovely piano lamp allows you to adjust for perfect lighting on your music. The lamp height is custom made for your piano.

spinet piano light

Organ lights

Regardless of the type of your pipe or electronic organ, Ektralamp has a music light that will help you see your music more clearly. In addtion to organ music lights, we provide a complete console lighting system including coupler and pedal lighting. Optional light dimmers are available. These lamps for musicians were designed by musicians.

organ music light

Music stand lights

The lightweight music stand light gently clamps to the top of your music stand, with a rotating light tube for precise lighting adjustment. Battery power is standard with an optional plug in power pack. The lamps were specifically designed for musicians.

music stand lamp

Grand piano lamps

The grand piano light gently clamps to the top of most grand piano music racks providing even illumination of the entire score. It is battery powered with an optional plug in power pack. The felt-lined clamp is designed to not damage the beautiful finish of your music rack.

Podium and Lectern lights

Bright and even LED lighting for reading desks such as lecterns, podiums, pulpits, or hostess stands. Each solid-brass lamp is custom made for permanent mounting to the podium.

Lectern light

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Organ lamp
art light
Ektralamp lights are hand-crafted in the USA in our Cleveland Ohio workshop.