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Ektralamp grand piano lamp

"I'd consider myself a very "hard to please" customer. To be honest, I thought there was about a 50% chance of returning this light, but after seeing it and how great it looks and how well it lights, I'm keeping it and recommending it to my daughter's piano teacher.I love how the light covers 3 to 4 full pages of music and isn't blaring in my eyes like some of the piano lights I've had in the past. If I tilt it right, it even lights up the keys without any direct light in my eyes." Steve M.

This beautiful light provides even illumination across the music on your grand piano music rack so you can clearly read every note. It's an accessory every pianist should have. The compact and adjustable light tube is less than one inch in diameter and contains an array of 30 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The lights are recessed in the lamp eliminting glare and assuring that you have light exactly where you need it. Your music is evenly lighted with no bright or dark spots. The light shines on the music - not in your eyes! The grand piano lamp can also be put on most music stands with flat tops.

The LED lamps can be powered by the included AC adapter or four AA batteries. With an LED lamp you'll never have to change a bulb or be concerned that the light will burn out during the middle of a performance. Typically LEDs last for more that 50,000 operating hours before they begin to deteriorate. (That's more than seven years of continuous operation!)

The standard light is 21" wide and slides gently onto the top of music racks that are either flat on top or have just a slight curvature and are no more than 3/4" thick. Note that it may not properly fit on highly decorative music racks that have an uneven top. The grand piano lights are ideal for most Steinway, Bosendorfer, Yamaha, and other fine grand pianos.

The lamp is uniquely designed to protect the finish of the music rack, as the clamp is felt-lined and uses no force to slide onto the rack. The lamp never gets hot.

The Ektralamp piano lamp is available in a matte black painted finish, a dark bronze painted finish, or natual polished aluminum. The bronze finish is ideal for brown or red pianos.

The grand piano light was designed by musicians for musicians, and is hand made in the United States in our Cleveland Ohio workshop.

While the 21" lamp is standard, we can also make a 30" wide lamp. Contact us for more information

Price is $189.95 for 21" lamp, and $249.95 for 30" lamp.

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"Wow! I and my teacher LOVE our Ektralamp. It is making a huge difference for me with my sight challenges. The Ektralamp gives us critical up close light over our music. Thank you so much for offering this product for musicians". E. Hahnn.

Black grand piano lamp
Bronze grand piano lamp



Lamp width: 21" or 30"
Lamp height: 6"
Weight: approximately 1 pound
Light tube rotates to focus light

Light source: 30 LEDs in 21" model,
or 45 LEDs in 30" model
Voltage: 6VDC
Power source: batteries or AC power pack
Power pack input: 100 - 240VAC
Optional batteries: 4AA