Why we use LEDs in our lamps

When we designed our lights we realized that LED technologies are efficient, consume low power, and dissipate little heat. We realized that producing more light with little power also enabled us to direct the light where it is needed rather than needing to waste the omnidirectional lighting typical of conventional lighting sourced. Just as important, the estimated 50,000 hour (about seven years if you never turn off the light) practical lifetime of LEDs means that users would never be suddenly stranded without light due to a bulb burnout.

When I recently told a customer that a 30″ wide light tube consists of 45 LED light sources, he was concerned that the light would be blindingly bright. It is true that some LED-based lamps use only two or three super-bright LEDs – and that 45 of them would indeed glare.

The technologies of the types of LEDs used in general and task lighting applications are just a few years old, and is changing rapidly. We look forward to implementing appropriate technology improvements in future products as they become cost-effective and generally available.

Will Limkemann
Siqua Group Limited

The approach we took was to use moderately bright LEDs, spacing them less than an inch apart, so as to produce unshadowed even lighting over the entire width of the lamp. User have come to appreciate this glare-free and even illumination approach.

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