Declined credit cards

I’ve recently learned that some customers have not been able to purchase on our website as their cards have been declined – even when they have been able to make purchases with the same cards elsewhere.

To try to resolve this I have communicated with PayPal, who processes our credit card transactions, and received this reply from them:

“…There is not easy answer as to why the charges are being declined without looking at specific examples, but there are some general reasons. As you may know, credit card fraud is very high and as result, many financial institutions have raised their fraud protections which results in more charges being declined. The majority of cards are declined from the card issuer, not from PayPal. While your customers may complete transactions elsewhere there could be factors involved such as past history with a particular vendor, what is typical or atypical in their spending patterns, if they are traveling, how they are logging in etc. If you can provide us some examples we can try to determine something more specific for you. In many cases, the cardholder may need to contact us directly, or their card provider for details on their card.”

So, if you have trouble ordering, please contact your credit card company and/or call me or send me an email (440-871-0976, or We really would like to have your business.

Will Limkemann
Ektralamp LLC

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