New web site

We have recently reworked our website. It has a newer, fresher look and provides even more information about our products.

Significantly the new site is mobile-friendly so the pages should appear much better on smart phones.

We welcome your comments and input on our site.

Declined credit cards

I’ve recently learned that some customers have not been able to purchase on our website as their cards have been declined – even when they have been able to make purchases with the same cards elsewhere.

To try to resolve this I have communicated with PayPal, who processes our credit card transactions, and received this reply from them:

“…There is not easy answer as to why the charges are being declined without looking at specific examples, but there are some general reasons. As you may know, credit card fraud is very high and as result, many financial institutions have raised their fraud protections which results in more charges being declined. The majority of cards are declined from the card issuer, not from PayPal. While your customers may complete transactions elsewhere there could be factors involved such as past history with a particular vendor, what is typical or atypical in their spending patterns, if they are traveling, how they are logging in etc. If you can provide us some examples we can try to determine something more specific for you. In many cases, the cardholder may need to contact us directly, or their card provider for details on their card.”

So, if you have trouble ordering, please contact your credit card company and/or call me or send me an email (440-871-0976, or We really would like to have your business.

Will Limkemann
Ektralamp LLC

In Memorium – John A Schantz

On Saturday my wife and I attended the memorial service in Orrville, Ohio, for John Schantz formal tonal director and CEO of the Schantz Organ Company. Having lived to 93 John lived a long, interesting, and productive life.

I had the distinct pleasure of knowing John as my mentor and boss during my brief tenure as a voicer and finisher at Schantz when I was quite young.

John was well respected in the pipe organ world as he, his brother, and cousin built Schantz into a significant presence and major builder of pipe organs. John was a consummate musician who loved to play the piano for anyone who would listen. He was a dedicated family man, and a driving force in the community in which he lived.

The world will miss you John and long remember you.



Lighting up Scandanavia

I just received the August issue of The American Organist, the official publication of the American Guild of Organists. On the cover is a picture of the first American organ to be installed in Denmark – an interesting organ made by Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders of Mocksville North Carolina. Upon careful examination of the picture one sees a horizontal brass tube above the music rack, which just happens to be one of our Ektralamp organ music lamps. The lamp is more visible in a picture of the console in the internal article about the organ. So, not only is the Lewtak the first American organ in Denmark, but the organ has also the first Ektralamp light in Denmark.

During the next week we will be shipping our second light to Scandinavia, as we send a grand piano lamp to a customer in Norway.

These lamps represent in a small way the increasing national appreciation of our quality music lights. We have shipped numerous lamps to Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland.



Enriching Kids

I just received the following e-mail from Kimberly Osgood at Interesting.

My name is Kimberly and I work with the Youth Development and Education Initiative at Enriching Kids. We have been using a lot while teaching the kids about various musical instruments and wanted to send you a quick email saying how helpful your site has been!

Two of our kids, Grace and Claire, did some research on their own and found this page that contains some great resources. I was hoping you would add it to your page. I think it would be a great addition to your site and could benefit a lot of people!

Kimberly Osgood

Great endorsement for piano lamps

I just received this e-mail from a new customer:

Dear Will:
Your light arrived Friday. All of my expectations were met: complete matte black color, even light, dispersed light, switch placement and your customer service. Together, all of these elements complete for a wonderful product. Now only if the light would significantly improve my piano skills your fame would supply a splendid retirement!
A grateful customer,

Outstanding Cruise

My wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary, with our family, on a cruise from Bayone NJ to Bermuda. Ten of us all together. Ship was Celebrity Summit. Wonderul cruise, nice weather, endless delicious food, and great times with the family.

Disappointment on the cruise was the endless loud amplified music everywhere on the ship (I guess my age is showing).

However, the most delightful parts of the cruise were four operatic events given by the .the Opera Theater of Connecticut with talks by Alan Mann. A trio performed arias, duets and trios from Pucciini and Verdi. Heavenly!

Thank you Celebrity and Alan Mann. I hope there are encore performances.

Organ pipe corrosion

The Cleveland Plain dealer recently ran a story about an Oberlin College professor who has studied the problem of corrosion and consequent failure of organ pipes. The article will be of interest in people in the industry and those interested in pipe organ history.The article is available at:

Oberlin College researcher helps fight corrosion in historic pipe organs

Will LImkemann


Do organ builders understand that organists need good lighting?

I received a call this week from an organist who commented that an organ builder charged the church several hundred thousand dollars for a magnificent new pipe organ but did not consider that the organist needs to be able to see the music on the rack. This echoes the sentiment I’ve heard from so many organists that are so thankful that they have found us and our overhead music lighting products.

I’ve had a sense that many organ builders are so vain about their designs that they don’t want the interference of overhead lighting or lights supplied by a third party. That is a shame.

I’m delighted to say, however, that a number of companies are have incorporated our lights into their organ consoles. These companies include:

Goulding and Wood
Randall Dyer and Associates

Several Rogers and Allen organ dealers, and many organ service companies, are now also providing or recommending the Ektralamp organ music lights to their customers.

Let there be light!

Will Limkemann

The storm called Sandy

A little over a week ago my seven year old grand-daughter asked her mom, do hurricanes ever come to Ohio. Mom answered “of course not”. Well, guess what. We got hammered by Sandy with winds off of lake Erie approaching 80 miles per hour.

Bay Village, home of my residence and business, was one of the hardest hit areas, with lots of trees blown over. In turn, power was disrupted – no, not disrupted – but devastated.

Our power went out at 10:00 PM Monday and came back on at 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Even with a fire going in our fireplace every night, the temperature still dropped to 52 degrees on Sunday.

My wife and I were not entirely in the dark, however. We found a new use for battery powered Ektralamp music lights. They make wonderful reading lights during a power outage.

To those of you who have ordered lights, know that our production came to a standstill last week, but we are now back in business. However, we are still about one week behind. Thank you for your patience.

Will Limkemann