Do organ builders understand that organists need good lighting?

I received a call this week from an organist who commented that an organ builder charged the church several hundred thousand dollars for a magnificent new pipe organ but did not consider that the organist needs to be able to see the music on the rack. This echoes the sentiment I’ve heard from so many organists that are so thankful that they have found us and our overhead music lighting products.

I’ve had a sense that many organ builders are so vain about their designs that they don’t want the interference of overhead lighting or lights supplied by a third party. That is a shame.

I’m delighted to say, however, that a number of companies are have incorporated our lights into their organ consoles. These companies include:

Goulding and Wood
Randall Dyer and Associates

Several Rogers and Allen organ dealers, and many organ service companies, are now also providing or recommending the Ektralamp organ music lights to their customers.

Let there be light!

Will Limkemann

The storm called Sandy

A little over a week ago my seven year old grand-daughter asked her mom, do hurricanes ever come to Ohio. Mom answered “of course not”. Well, guess what. We got hammered by Sandy with winds off of lake Erie approaching 80 miles per hour.

Bay Village, home of my residence and business, was one of the hardest hit areas, with lots of trees blown over. In turn, power was disrupted – no, not disrupted – but devastated.

Our power went out at 10:00 PM Monday and came back on at 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Even with a fire going in our fireplace every night, the temperature still dropped to 52 degrees on Sunday.

My wife and I were not entirely in the dark, however. We found a new use for battery powered Ektralamp music lights. They make wonderful reading lights during a power outage.

To those of you who have ordered lights, know that our production came to a standstill last week, but we are now back in business. However, we are still about one week behind. Thank you for your patience.

Will Limkemann

White grand piano lamp

A potential customer approached me at the AGO national convention earlier this month and said he wanted to get his mother a lamp for her grand piano. The problem was that her piano is white and he did not think a black light would look good. I explained that, as we custom build each lamp to order, that we would have no problem in providing a white lamp – at no additional cost. He ordered a white light, and last week we shipped it. It’s such fun to satisfy our customers!

Will Limkemann

Testimonial for organ music lamp

I was thrilled last week to receive an e-mail from Gregory Largent, the Director of Music Ministries at the First Presbyterian Church in Saginaw Michigan. Gregory has been using our overhead organ music lamp for about two years. Here is what he wrote:

“I want you to know what a fine product you have made with the LED Console Lamp.  Even my largest scores are completely lit with a crisp even light.  The artists on the church’s concert series have all been pleased with the light.  They want to know where I got it…. so I keep your card handy to share with the organists.  We have had the light for two years and it has performed flawlessly!  Thank you for such a fine product.”

Thanks, Gregory. Your testimonial, and so many other like it, help us realize that others agree that we have a quality product that meets a real need.

Will Limkemann

AGO Convention Drawing Winner

We’re back from the AGO (American Guild of Organists) national convention in Nashville.What a long, hot, yet successful week it was. I do believe outside temperature was over 100 degrees every day.

We were pleased with the traffic at our exhibit, and so happy that so many of our lamp customers stopped by to tell tell us how much they enjoy and appreciate our products.

Our give away was a black grand piano/music stand lamp. One hundred sixty eight people signed up for a chance to win. The randomly drawn winner was John Friesen, an organist at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Lincoln Nebraska, and who also works for the Bedient Organ Company. Congratulations John!

Ektralamp Winner

John Friesen - Ektralamp winner

Warmer and brighter LEDs

We are constantly looking for improvements in LED light sources for our lamps. We’ve recently purchased LEDs from a new source in China which produce a wonderfully warm color (about 2500-3000 K) and are about 20% brighter than our prior LEDs. We’ve gotten great feedback from the customers of the last few lamps we’ve shipped with these LEDs.