Loud music

Do you find loud music everywhere today to be annoying? My wife and I returned recently from a wonderful two-week cruise on the Celebrity Equinox. It was wonderful in all respects – save one. The music everywhere is earsplitting, especially in the theater! I returned a couple of nights after attending a show to my cabin with my ears ringing for the better part of the night.

Now this is not unique to this ship or even to any pop music venues today. This is a common problem almost everywhere. I find it so prevalent that I’ve begun to think maybe the problem is me. So I asked my children and their children about their opinions. They are all in agreement that music is simply too loud. My granddaughter and her mother had been to a Taylor Swift show and felt their ears had been blown out.

The questions I have is 1) why does the music need to be so blasted loud, and 2) what can we do about it?

Relative to the second question I wrote a complaint to Celebrity, but I’m sure it will fall on “deaf” ears!