Testimonial for organ music lamp

I was thrilled last week to receive an e-mail from Gregory Largent, the Director of Music Ministries at the First Presbyterian Church in Saginaw Michigan. Gregory has been using our overhead organ music lamp for about two years. Here is what he wrote:

“I want you to know what a fine product you have made with the LED Console Lamp.  Even my largest scores are completely lit with a crisp even light.  The artists on the church’s concert series have all been pleased with the light.  They want to know where I got it…. so I keep your card handy to share with the organists.  We have had the light for two years and it has performed flawlessly!  Thank you for such a fine product.”

Thanks, Gregory. Your testimonial, and so many other like it, help us realize that others agree that we have a quality product that meets a real need.

Will Limkemann