The storm called Sandy

A little over a week ago my seven year old grand-daughter asked her mom, do hurricanes ever come to Ohio. Mom answered “of course not”. Well, guess what. We got hammered by Sandy with winds off of lake Erie approaching 80 miles per hour.

Bay Village, home of my residence and business, was one of the hardest hit areas, with lots of trees blown over. In turn, power was disrupted – no, not disrupted – but devastated.

Our power went out at 10:00 PM Monday and came back on at 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Even with a fire going in our fireplace every night, the temperature still dropped to 52 degrees on Sunday.

My wife and I were not entirely in the dark, however. We found a new use for battery powered Ektralamp music lights. They make wonderful reading lights during a power outage.

To those of you who have ordered lights, know that our production came to a standstill last week, but we are now back in business. However, we are still about one week behind. Thank you for your patience.

Will Limkemann