Lighting up Scandanavia

I just received the August issue of The American Organist, the official publication of the American Guild of Organists. On the cover is a picture of the first American organ to be installed in Denmark – an interesting organ made by Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders of Mocksville North Carolina. Upon careful examination of the picture one sees a horizontal brass tube above the music rack, which just happens to be one of our Ektralamp organ music lamps. The lamp is more visible in a picture of the console in the internal article about the organ. So, not only is the Lewtak the first American organ in Denmark, but the organ has also the first Ektralamp light in Denmark.

During the next week we will be shipping our second light to Scandinavia, as we send a grand piano lamp to a customer in Norway.

These lamps represent in a small way the increasing national appreciation of our quality music lights. We have shipped numerous lamps to Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland.



Do organ builders understand that organists need good lighting?

I received a call this week from an organist who commented that an organ builder charged the church several hundred thousand dollars for a magnificent new pipe organ but did not consider that the organist needs to be able to see the music on the rack. This echoes the sentiment I’ve heard from so many organists that are so thankful that they have found us and our overhead music lighting products.

I’ve had a sense that many organ builders are so vain about their designs that they don’t want the interference of overhead lighting or lights supplied by a third party. That is a shame.

I’m delighted to say, however, that a number of companies are have incorporated our lights into their organ consoles. These companies include:

Goulding and Wood
Randall Dyer and Associates

Several Rogers and Allen organ dealers, and many organ service companies, are now also providing or recommending the Ektralamp organ music lights to their customers.

Let there be light!

Will Limkemann