Our customers love our lamps

I received three  phone calls of note this week.

The first call was from Lee Stadeles, an Allen Organ dealer in New Jersey who has been including our music lights on new organs that he sells. He was ordering two more lamps and shared with me that not only do the lights enhance organist’s ability to see and read their music, but that the color of the emitted light enhances the appearance of the organs.

The second call was from an organist. He had been helping an organ technician by “holding keys” while the technician tuned pipes, in another church. If you have ever had the pleasure of holding keys you know what a dull job it is. Well, the organist, out of boredom, noticed the overhead light and started turning it on and off and soon realized what a marvel the light was. As soon as he returned to his own church, he called me and ordered a lamp for his organ.

The third call was from a musician who was excited about the organ just installed in her church, and the overhead light that came with it. She saw the name on the light, and told me that she rushed home and called me immediately, as she just had to have a light for her grand piano.

How gratifying to hear these kind of stories.

Will Limkemann

Organ light emergency

I got a call today from an organist who is to give a recital in an unfamiliar church one week from today. She was panicked as she discovered that the organ has very poor lighting, and could we help her out by providing an Ektralamp organ lamp in time for the recital.

To meet the needs of individual organ consoles, we custom make each lamp to order, and our lead time is normally at least two weeks. However, understanding her predicament, we will fast track a lamp and get it to her in time.

After all, what is more important to us than the customer? We are proud for the constant comments we get on not only our outstanding products, but the way we treat customers.


WIll Limkemann