An invisible picture light?

We have often commented that due to the design of our lamps they almost disappear and make it difficult to determine where the light is coming from.

Take a look at this 75″ long picture light. Can’t see it? It is painted white to match the crown molding and is directly about the picture. You can probably detect the six mounting legs easier than the lamp75-inch picture  light

Pot hanger light

I love creativity. A couple of months ago a guy found our picture lamp website and called me to discuss his kitchen renovation. His need was a brass pot hanger that would also serve as a light over part of the counter and sink. After some discussion we arrived at a solution – a 60 inch picture light with special mounting brackets that would attach to the underside of a shelf. To match other brass in the kitchen he wanted the lamp to have a plain finish with no protective coating. This would allow the brass to age gracefully and develop a nice patina. Here is the result. He is delighted with it.

fuller kitchen light