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"Our Director of Music is thrilled with the workmanship, functionality, and aesthetic appearance of your organ lamp. It is an exceptional product." D. Winkworth

Organ Console Lighting

Using LED technology the bright elegant overhead Ektralamp lights for organ consoles produce no-glare illumination, consume little power, and never get hot. The slim low-profile music lights are almost invisible yet provide pleasant and even illumination across the width of music desk. Now you can spread out multiple pages of music scores without glare or dark spots. We can also provide custom music lights to meet your unique requirements.

The pedal lights evenly illuminate the entire pedal keyboard, while the coupler light illuminates stop tabs and upper manual keyboards. An optional console lighting control module can be installed by your organ technician allowing all of the lights to be operated from the organ power supply, and an optional dimmer can control the brightness of the lighting.

Whether you have a pipe organ or an electonic organ, Ektralamp organ lights will help you see your music more clearly with less eye strain. The lights are equally valuable for church organs, teaching and practice organs, home organs, or stage and concert hall consoles.

Why overhead music lights?

Many organ consoles are equipped with lamps attached to or built into the music rack bottom ledge. While these lights provide illumination, they tend to shadow, glare, and leave the top of the music score in the dark.

A properly placed overhead Ektralamp illuminates the entire height and width of the score evenly with no glare or shadow. If you already have a bottom-mounted light, the Ektralamp overhead lamp will nicely supplement the lighting. If you don't have a bottom-mounted light, the Ektralamp will produce all the light you need. Why play in the dark any longer?

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Organ console music lights

This beautiful thirty inch wide Ektralamp music desk light provides even lighting across the entire width and height of the music rack. Now you can spread out all of your service music and not have dark spots on the ends. These overhead organ lamps are designed to rest on the top of the console behind the music rack.

The compact light tube is less than one inch in diameter and contains 45 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). While some white LEDs produce a blue hue, we use LEDs that approximate daylight color.

The lights are recessed in the lamp to eliminate glare and assure that you have light just where you need it. Using LED technology there is almost no heat radiated from the lamp. LEDs generally have a useful life expectancy of 50,000 hours (about 20 years) or more. The lamps are hand made in America in our Ohio workshop.

The standard light is 30" wide. The base and supports will be built to the specific height needed for your instrument. Horizontal mounts are available for attaching to tracker organ cases. Other widths and mounting configurations are available on special request. Talk to us about your needs to make sure the the lamp is right for your organ. Call 440-871-0976.

The lamp is available in either satin-finished brass on a hardwood base, or in all black. See the standard base colors. Other material, sizes, and finishes can be provided upon request at additional cost. The lamps include a transformer that operates on line voltages of from 100 to 240VAC. An optional dimmer is available.

Calculate the height for your lamp.

Pricing for standard light:

Brass lamp with oak, cherry, or walnut base- $375 plus shipping

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Overhead organ lamp on a Schantz console


Brass organ music lamp on light oak base






brass organ lamp on light oak base
overhead organ music light on a Schantz organ

Custom Organ Music Light

Lamps can be custom made in widths of 20 or 30 inches (or wider), with custom mounting brackets to fit any organ. Horizontal mounting allows lights to be installed on tracker organ cases. Lights can optionally be powered from the organ 12VDC power supply.Talk to us about your requirements and to get a quote for a light to meet your needs. Call Will at 440-871-0976.

Visit our Gallery of Organ Lights for examples of custom lamps.

Organ Pedal Light

The Ektralamp pedal lamp is made with an aluminum or brass light tube and attaches to the frame under the keyboards with two brackets. The 32" wide lamp contains 45 bright white LEDs and can be precisely positioned by swivelling it. Included is a transformer. Optionally, the lamp can be powered from the organ 12VDC power supply using the Ektralamp Console Light Controller module.

Pedal lamp - aluminum: $310 plus shipping.

Pedal lamp - brass: $325 plus shipping.

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Pedal lamp showing mounting brackets on each end.

Coupler light

The coupler light mounts under or behind the music rack to light up couplers, stop tabs, and upper keyboards. It is available in brass or aluminum and in 20" or 30" widths.

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